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When natural disasters like floods, fire, tornadoes, and earthquakes strike, evacuation happens at a moment’s notice, often leaving people little to no time to prepare. In the midst of terrifying chaos, pets can be separated from their families, left behind or forgotten, leaving them to fend for themselves.  However, it is not only companion animals that need rescue. Wild animals and farm animals are also affected by the disaster, causing them to require medical care and help until they can be relocated or returned to their natural habitat.

Fortunately, in the darkness and devastating aftermath, you will find a shining light in the form of caring people dedicated to lending a helping hand. When disasters take a toll on communities, organizations of all sizes join forces to help animals in need. Whether they focus on companion animals, wildlife, or both, their devoted disaster relief teams share one common goal: Saving lives.  Here are some of the larger organizations around the world working to help save animals in disaster situations.

We have all seen the heart-wrenching commercials. The ASPCA has been one of the leaders in animal cruelty investigations, with a large Field Investigations and Response team of experts, staff, and volunteers ready to rescue animals in need. However, they also have a disaster response team ready to provide boots-on-the-ground assistance to communities and organizations in the wake of a natural disaster. If you are interested in learning more about being an animal rescue volunteer for the ASPCA.

Some dedicated team is always ready at a moment’s notice to help save animals’ lives, whether they are responding to national emergencies or natural disasters.