Our Services in Agriculture Sector

Reem Sultan Alsultan Foundation For Trading & Contracting was established in 1993, has many activities during the previous years in the import and export of food and trade of construction materials and stationery and then re-established again to work in different agricultural areas, especially after the work began in the agricultural direction and agricultural activities in 2009 in collaboration with Dar Al Khalaf Agricultural Studies and consultancy company Cereals Holding today are taking steady steps, God willing, to establish a system in the joint and ongoing work with many international companies specialized in various fields of agriculture, where the specialized work based The work of a strong and solid in any institution.

Thankfully, we extend our work towards the wide open field in the various agricultural fields of plant, animal and fish, with the support and support of Dar Al Khalaf for Agricultural Studies and Consultations which was launched in 2009 as described on its website www.daralkhalaf.com

We ask God to help us in our mission to promote this vital sector at the level of Kuwait, the Gulf and the Arab world.