Our Services in Agriculture Sector



Good water treatment solutions demand both experience and innovation

But we focus on the segments where we both have know how and equipment to offer you:

1) Mechanical water filtration

as an critical factor for cost effective operation of almost any kind of water treatment. We have HEX Drum Filter, AL2Aqua Belt Filter, Sani Aqua Membrane Filter and the crossover Ratz Protein Skimmer that has more functions.

2) Disinfection of the water –

are becoming more in useful, especially at the intake of water to a closed water circulation system. It is also introduced in systems to lower the infection pressure in general and make the water more healthy. We have the Helios UV that are used in connection with filtration and the new technology Hycare Aqua Nano bubbles.

3) Oxygenation and Control

of the gases in the water is simply the life of death matter for most fish species. We have the Oxywise Oxygen Generator, Oxy Guard Gas Measurement and Control and the new technology Hycare Aqua Nanobubbles.

The equipment from  Aqua Technologies

Below is the core equipment in use for RAS (Recirculated Aquaculture Systems) and it is the main application for CM Aqua.

We can care for the filtration, oxygen supply and disinfection at variable levels, depending on each induvidual installation. We have expanded into other applications, such as

offshore aquaculture, swimming pools and generalt waste water from cities.


 1.                                      2.                                            3.                                                    4.

5.                                                                                 6.

1.      Hycare Aqua Nano bubbles

2.      Ratz Protein Skimmer

3.      HEX Drum Filters

4.      Micro- and Ultra filtration

5.      Helios UV System

6.      OxyGuard Measurement and Control

i. HEX Drum Filters

A very cost efficient micron screen


  • Tanks and cover of Corrosion resistant PEHD:
  • Bypass is integrated in the tank and can in emergency situations, handle the full flow, no need of upstream bypass.
  • In all versions high position  of motor  and gear.

Gear wheel driven filters:

  • No chain
  • High position of motor/gear
  • No maintenance
  • No oil bath

•  No corrosion

All small filters with:

  • POM drum (no corrosion)
  • PEHD tank and cover (no corrosion)
  • Backwash pipe in PE.

Innovative HEX Drum filters all have a unique design for an optimal filtration process.

  • The Bee Cell filter panel has a hexagonal cell structure that ensures optimal  removal  of suspended solids. The bee cell-shaped cells increases the net open area compared to other  structures. Each filter panel  is 400 x 1200 mm for easy installation and replacement.
  • The cover, motor cover and chain box in corrosion resistant PEHD & for tank versions, tanks  will also be made  of PEHD.
  • Reliable & durable solutions for fish farmers.
  •  All models  have DDGW (direct  drive gearwheel) all plastic,  no greasing  and no corrosion. The combination of a more submerged drum,  filter panels with bee Cells and a HEX E Control running of the drum- filter, ensures optimal  operation at all times.
  • HEX filters do not waste water  and energy: With a complete  HEX filtration  solution, the water  and energy consumption is reduced dramatically.
  • HEX filters reduce the cost in investment and installation due to you simply needs  smaller  drum filters for the same job.
  • The HEX E Control series implement logical improvements like: No wash of already  clean area,  fast wash  at optimal speed  for the drum  diameter in question and longer build-up time between each wash.  Depending  on installation, savings on back wash water and energy can be significant.

Hex Filter product program as standard

Available with the BeeCell filterpanels from standard 5 to 200 micron as standard

Model F1-1 F2-1 F2-2 F2-3 F3-3 F3-4 F4-4 F4-5 F4-6 F4-7 F4-8 F5-5 F5-6 F5-7 F5-8 F5-9 F5-10
Filter-area m2 0,46 0,93 1,86 2,79 4,2 5,6 7,45 9,3 11,2 13 14,9 11,6 14 16,3 18,6 20,9 23,2
Max capacity

m3/h at 90 µ

75 165 301 451 739 984 1546 1933 2320 2706 3092 2416 2900 3394 3886 4350 4800

Where water needs to be pure.

  1. Recirculating systems  (RAS).
  2. Installation on a  troutfarm  for re-use of water.
  3. Filters on barges and weelboats for sealice filtration.



Beltfilter – end of pipe solution

The still “thin”  backwashwater from drumfilters can be concentrated on a beltfilter,  with integrated mixing system  for polymer  addition. Sludge from Aquaculture facilities can be concentrated to app 12 % dry matter.